Value of Urban Markets & Basic Amenity Access
Collaboration with Asiye eTafuleni

Durban, South Africa

This is an ongoing and evolving project in collaboration with Asiye eTafuleni to evaluate the value of Warwick Markets in Durban, South Africa -- from the perspectives of customers, vendors, and other stakeholders. Through this collaboration, we are also exploring vendors' cost of access to basic amenities -- such as toilets, energy, shelter, storage -- to be able to understand how much vendors invest into their physical workplaces. 

Value of Urban markets:
Comparing the Haymarket with the Boston Public Market

Boston, Massachusetts

As retail in the US continues to diversify, offering ways for businesses to engage in markets in many different forms -- street vending, food halls, public markets, food trucks -- there is an opportunity to explore how these modes of retail influence the customer and vendor experience and value creation. 

Boston, like many cities in the US, has both an outdoor, year-round historical market (Haymarket) and has recently launched an indoor, year-round Boston Public Market.  What is value of these markets to Boston area and what does it mean for future investments of the city?

Baseline Survey
Collaboration with Bulawayo Vendors and Traders' Association

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Bulawayo Vendors and Traders' Association are doing significant work with street vendors to document existing street vendors' business experience, nature of goods sold and places of sale. The aim is to use this information towards advocacy. 

MIT CREATE has worked with BVTA over the last year to brainstorm the survey design with them through a course at MIT and to provide feedback on their survey findings.